Yobe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workshop

The first AI workshop in the Northeasthern part of Nigeria, where Professionals, Academics and Industry expert converge to discuss Data science, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Unlock the future of technology! Join us for an exclusive 5-day workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, where innovation and practical learning collide. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your expertise, this workshop, sponsored by Google Research, offers something for everyone.
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Resource Persons

Meet our resource persons

Bashir Saleh Maina

Lecturer I

Department Of Computer Science,Yobe State University Damaturu, Nigeria

Ibrahim Dattijo Makama

Researcher,ML Engineer

Horizon Lab

Dr.Mahdi Alhaji Musa

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science, Yobe State University Damaturu, Nigeria

Dr.Audu Musa Mabu

Senior Lecturer

Department of Computer Science, Yobe State University Damaturu, Nigeria.

Dr.Farouq Muhammad Aliyu


Center for Excellence in Development of Nonprofit Organizations,King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,Dhahran,Saudi Arabia.

Engr. Kaloma Usman Majikumna


School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, European Mediterranean University of Fez, Morocco.

Musa Mustapha


School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, European Mediterranean University of Fez, Morocco.

Dr. Maryam Abdullahi Musa

Lecturer I

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university, (ATBU) Bauchi, Nigeria.

Dr.Satya Ranjan Dash

Associate Professor

School of Computer Applications, KIIT University, India

Aloka Fernando

Research Engineer

University of Moratuwa, Srilanka.

Dr.Jagabandhu Mishra


IIT, Dharwad, India.

Dr Muralikrishna H

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Munipal University, India.

Dr. Tanjim Taharat Aurpa


Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University in Bangladesh.

Sohom Ghosh


Research scholar at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

Dr. Ibrahim Aliyu

Postdoc Researcher

Hyper Intelligence Media Network Platform Lab, Chonnam National University, South Korea.

Nuruddeen Umar Sambo

ML Engineer

Senior SW engineer @ JED,Tutor @ Udacity & TensorFlow


Select from the Tracks

Have basics of Research
Proficiency in Python programming language
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Previous experience with the theoretical aspect of ML. including data collection, preprocessing, and feature engineering
Effective communication skills for collaboration within the research group
Ability to contribute to the group's collective goals and projects
Commitment to staying updated on the latest developments in machine learning
Experience in writing a research paper
Currently pursuing or recently completed a degree in a relevant field (computer science, data science, statistics, mathematics, or any other science-related courses)
Demonstrated interest in machine learning research
Foundational knowledge in mathematics and statistics.
Eagerness to learn and contribute to ML research projects
Willingness to engage in mentorship and collaborative learning opportunities
Effective communication skills for participating in group discussions and presenting research findings
Capacity to work independently and as part of a research team
Commitment to personal and professional development in the field of machine learning.


Workshop Schedule


• Arrival and Registration

• Guest speaker series

• Inauguration and Getting Started


• Guest speaker series

• Hands-on ML Research Implementation


• NLP Research


• Career Development

•Research publication

• Research Grant Hunt


• Unveiling Opportunities

• Scholarships Guide

• Valedictory Session


• Feedback

• Happy hour

• Departure


Our objectives are:


  • Expose students to opportunities in computing and encourage exploration
  • 1. Organizing a career fair where students can interact with representatives from tech companies, startups, and research institutions.
  • 2. Conducting hands-on workshops and live demonstrations of exciting computing projects and technologies.
Objecive One
  • Teach students soft and technical skills and their importance
  • 1. Simulating workplace scenarios to practice soft skills.
  • 2. Engaging students in coding challenges and group projects to improve their technical competencies.
  • 3. Encouraging students to explore small computing projects based on their interests, fostering curiosity and creativity.
Objective Two
  • Mentor students in conducting CS research and foster innovation
  • 1. Forming research groups and guiding students through conducting research projects.
  • 2. Organizing brainstorming sessions to encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving.
Objective Three
  • Guide students in applying for competitive postgraduate positions and scholarships
  • 1. Conducting workshops on completing applications, preparing for interviews, and showcasing skills effectively.
  • 2. Offering mock interview sessions to help students build confidence for real interviews.
Objective Four

Our Partners

Some of Our Partners

Google Research (exploreCSR)


Google Inc.

Yobe State University.


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